About us

My name is John and I began my photography career around 10 years back. Photography is a fine medium, which allows you to capture precious moments of your life. You can keep, document, share, and protect those moments.


No matter what type of photography you want to make a career out of, at Jeff Grand-Photography, I am going to help you and provide educational resources. Professional and aspiring photographers like you may use my write-up to get better.


My goal is to help you achieve success as a great artist. We provide content that we get inspired by the top photographers in the industry of photography. Our blog can give you a deeper insight into educational content that comes from authors, experts, and guest contributors.


At Jeff Grand Photography, we have partnered with some great suppliers. You can buy your desired tools, products and other gear from these suppliers. They offer cheap but high-quality photography tools to help those who love photography. With product reviews, informative content, training videos, you can fuel your passion.


So, if you are looking for a great resource to help fuel your photography passion, do stay tuned to my blog and you won’t regret your decision.  We update our blog on a weekly basis.